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Boston Bark Landscape Supply Products Hemlockcompost Mulch Blend

Hemlock Blend Mulch

A finely Textured Hemlock Blend, Indian Clay Red in Color.

$43.00 per cubic yard

 Boston Bark Landscape Supply Dark Pine Compost Enriched Mulch

Chocolate Pine Blend Mulch

This mulch is a softwood blend of predominantly pine and spruce aged bark that has a natural rich chocolate brown color.

$41.00 per cubic yard

 Boston Bark Landscape Supply Aged Hemlock Mulch

Aged Hemlock Mulch

A naturally aged Hemlock bark mulch that is finely ground and aged to a deep, rich burgundy color.  Made from the finest hemlock.

$46.00 per cubic yard

 Boston Bark Landscape Supply Black Organic Blend Mulch

Black Forest Mulch

Black Forest Mulch is made from a pine, spruce, and fur mix – and is color enhanced to a dark brown-to-black shade.

$41.00 per cubic yard

 Organic Leaf Mulch

Organic Leaf Mulch – a Boston Bark exclusive

Our all natural, nutrient-enriched leaf mulch, produced from clean New England fall leaves. Our exclusive grinding and screening process produces a clean consistently sized product that is easy to spread.  One of our fastest selling products.

$44.00 per cubic yard


Dark Pine Mulch

A naturally aged Pine/Spruce bark mulch, medium dark brown in color, ground to a fine-medium texture with a pleasant evergreen scent.

$43.00 per cubic yard

 PlayGround Chip

Playground Chips

An impact safe, environmentally friendly playground surface that meets or exceeds the ASTM standard. All natural wood fiber.

$43.00 per cubic yard

Mulch Coloring Environmental and Safety Data

Dealing with Spring Showers and Color Enriched Mulch

Colorant Environmental and Safety Data

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