Q. When it the best time to put down mulch?

A. Come spring time, everyone is looking for an opportunity to get out and get started with their yards and gardens.

Q&A IconAssuming the weekend weather is your friend, your initial cleanup is often finished by early May – and then it’s time to order your mulch.

To be sure, May is the most popular time to order mulch.

But is it the right time to put down your mulch.

That depends on the maturity of your gardens and the depth of your mulch.

We all want our gardens to grow and look beautiful.

But a thick layer of mulch put down too early in the spring could make it difficult for new seedlings to flourish.

So use your judgement.  If you have new growth, you may want to give it a running start before you cover it in mulch.

Some people also like to mulch in the late fall as a way of protecting their plants and gardens during the winter.