New England Grown Sod

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New England Grown Sod

Planning a new lawn or lawn repair?

This all-natural New England-grown sod will give you a lush, green lawn in no time.  The sod is a mix of fescue and bluegrass.

We can deliver or you can pick it up (by appointment).
Installation?  If you need help installing your sod, we can recommend a local professional.
Pricing?  Sod is sold by the square foot in 10 square foot rolls (2×5 feet).  The cost is 50 cents per square foot (or $5 per roll).

Minimum order:  1,000 square foot order ($500) for both pickup and delivery.  For deliveries, there is a $65 drop charge.



Please note product images appearing on our website may not match exactly to the actual products.  All sales are final, no returns, no exchanges. If you buy material over the phone through our website, you agree to buy material as is. We are not responsible for any damage on deliveries inside curbline.