Quality Winter Products – for home and commercial use

mag_magnesium_chloride_pellets_ice_melting MAG ICE MELTING PELLETS
Starts Working Immediately
Melts More Ice at Lower Temperatures
Leaves No Residue
Less Damaging to Concrete
Safer to Use

$23.99 per bag


50 LB. Cutting Edge® Pro IceMelt +

3- Way Blend (Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride)
Screened, Dried and Chemically Infused
Magnesium Free – Less Harmful To Concrete
Safer For People, Property And Pets
Melts Up To -12 Degrees Fahrenheit
Formulated With A Corrosion Inhibitor
Less Harmful To Plants
Non-tracking – Designed To Stay Where Applied
Non-caking Agent – To Reduce Clumping
Formulated To Melt Ice And Snow Rapidly
Longer Shelf Life
Increased Slip Protection
Highly Visible Green Color Indicator
Designed And Manufactured For Easy And Effective Application
UV, Non-slip And Water Resistant Packaging Which Is More Resistant To Weather For Outdoor Storage

$14.99 per bag

Boston Bark Landscape Supply Winter Products Treated Salt Treated Salt:
A natural rock salt that is treated with Ice-Ban. Ice-Ban reduces the corrosive properties normally associated with a salt product. Ice-Ban is safe for the environment and is safe for your sander. Use this product on walks, driveways, roads, and parking areas.

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Boston Bark Landscape Supply Winter Products Winter Sand Winter Sand:
A concrete sand mixture treated with rock salt for use on walkways, driveways, roads, and parking lots.

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Boston Bark Landscape Supply Winter Products Seasoned Fire Wood

Seasoned Firewood:
Our New England hardwood has been seasoned for over 12 months and ranges from 16-18 inches in length. This firewood consists of oak, maple, beech and birch wood. It is cut and split no less than 3 months prior to being delivered to your home for use in your fireplace or wood burning stove.*Please note, all firewood is loaded into our delivery vehicles by a loader, not by hand. We are not responsible for any bark debris that may be mixed in with the firewood. Please call if you have any questions.


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